Reel Big Fish - Candy Coated FuryChances are that if you have already heard ska/pop punkers Reel Big Fish (and they have been going for quite some time now), you are already fairly familiar with how a new album is going to sound. There are never going to be many surprises, but it is always going to be great summer music; it’s going to be fun and make you want to dance, and if you’re already a fan then you’re simply going to love it. And yes, “Candy Coated Fury” follows this trend to a tee.

Like before there is hardly any radical change in direction for these guys, but there are a couple of points that do stand out. ‘Hiding In My Headphones’ for example sees them embracing a more reggae and hip hop route with featured vocals from Laila Khan and Barney Boom of Sonic Boom Six.

Reel Big Fish have always had a subtle element of angst to them, but here it seems a lot more prominent than before, especially in many of the song titles which are a lot more confrontational, in a youthful kind of way: titles such as ‘Everyone Else Is An Asshole’, ‘P.S I Hate You’ and ‘Punisher’ in particular show off the teenage like immaturity that we have come to know and love from these guys.

Not really an awful lot to state about “Candy Coated Fury” if you have acquainted yourself with this group in the slightest; other than to say that this is a great collection of songs which will make a great soundtrack to the good summer times, yet with plenty of subtle angst that a lot of teenagers will be able to relate to. There was hardly ever going to be any growing up here, but this is one of those groups that you simply wouldn’t want it from.

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