Redgrave - National ActThere’s something to be said for a band that understands the way sounds work together. On Redgraves upcoming EP, “National Act,” vocalist/guitarist Angie Mead seems to have realized that because her voice is in a higher register, her guitar should be bassy and low, with the treble turned down on her solos. This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but after listening to dozens of bands who drown out their own vocals with the other instruments, it’s nice to hear a band that knows how to rock and still have discernible vocals.

Redgrave are a two-piece outfit out of Chicago, with Stephen Howard’s drums fleshing out the band.  I was surprised when I realized that all of this sound was coming from two people.  Honestly, I would have never guessed it. They have a very full-bodied sound, even more so than other two-piece rock bands like The White Stripes.

It’s fitting that they have a bluesy sound that, at times (such as on the opening track, “Dick Moves”) hearkens back to early Led Zeppelin. Chicago’s a bluesy place, after all, and if you’re going to sound like any blues-rock band, it might as well be Zep, right? At other times, they remind me a lot of 90’s era PJ Harvey, as they do on the noisy “Assault Song,” and on the sexy “Taunt.”

So here’s a thing: I’m comparing this band this band to Zeppelin AND PJ Harvey. Coming from me, that’s high praise, and I’m really looking forward to a full album from these two.

“National Act” drops on June 12 from Lovitt Records.

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