Red Enemy - What We're Contained in, Is What We Are WorthDublin’s Red Enemy play the type of metal that would make Pantera and Lamb of God proud: Fast, groovy, thrashy music with a chip on it’s shoulder. The band’s latest EP is short, like about 15 minutes short and should leave fans of those bands with a grin on their faces.  From what I can tell, the band has so far only released this and a previous EP entitled “Outsiders” which was self-funded.

Maybe not my personal choice for an EP, I do see it’s appeal: Loud, angry, thrashy metal played at full volume for people who like their extreme metal with a slight mainstream edge. The band displays some great musical qualities and can handle their respective instruments very well.

Their on line following seems to indicate they have a solid fan base, and even though this one doesn’t reach out and grab me, what do I know anyway? The vast majority of headbangers are going to be into this. If you are someone who likes the above mentioned bands or a little bit of Devildriver, perhaps even Slipknot, then this release is for you.

The two standout tracks are ‘Prodigal Son’ and the pounding ‘Where We call Home.’ If you’re into the groovy thrash style with attitude, you will lap this up. If you’re not, skip it. I would be interested to see what the band does with a full-length album I can hear real promise in this EP.

Red Enemy – Facebook page