Reckless Love - Animal AttractionAfter the release of ‘On The Radio,’ the third single off Reckless Love’s newest album “Animal Attraction” that hit the shelves last October, ThisIsNotAScene thought it would be a good idea to see if there are any more gems on the album that needed to be dug up and shelved.

With the first self-titled album receiving huge acclaim across the board and putting Reckless Love firmly on the map, their second album “Animal Attraction” has only enhanced their position even further. With their second single ‘Beautiful Bomb’ being the cheesiest song ever recorded, making even the biggest glam fan crease up into a ball, fortunately, the same reaction does not occur when listening to this album.

Although the Glam Rock wow factor still glimmers from every bone in the communal body of this band, a more raunchy hard rock feel comes out of this album, and it is definitely a change for the better. Glam Rock was something that was popular back in the 80s, and I love it, don’t get me wrong. But in order to be successful as a band you have to take influences from that era and expand on it, rather than copy it. And this is what Reckless Love is doing.

With the three released singles on the album ‘Hot’, ‘On The Radio’ as well as the title track ‘Animal Attraction’ the anthemic chorus’s that made Glam Rock so famous are used and catchy sing-a-long lyrics just add to the overall powerful effect. With some fast guitar solos, jumpy drum beats and deep baselines, a more modern version of Post-Glam has been born, and it shows just why this band are vastly popular at the moment.

Songs like ‘Dance’ are heavier and deeper tracks that just didn’t quite make the single cut, but otherwise great tunes that make you wanted to jump up and dance. ‘Born To Break Your Heart’ and ‘Fantasy’ are the power ballads off the album. What kind of new-age glam rock band would they be if they didn’t produce an epic power ballad? And just like all power ballads should, they make you want to scream the lyrics out your window and scare your neighbours.

Overall, there isn’t a track on this album that doesn’t work. It’s been well recorded and there is a nice variety of songs which all contrast with each other. ThisIsNotAScene would recommend this album to any Glam fans looking for something with a little bit of a modern edge.

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