Raised On Replicas – OMG/Sometimes (single)Released through the new Louder Than War Records set up by legendary music writer and musician John Robb (Membranes / Goldblade), the ‘OMG/Sometimes’ single from UK indie band Raised On Replicas is one of those débuts and first introductions that if it immediately connects and forms a bond puts a tingle down the spine. The two track release is a fresh and eager expulsion of pop and noise rock from within a vibrant and mischievous heart. It is fun, infectious and most of all guilty of bringing a new energy and attraction to indie music for which all gratitude is sent.

Hailing out of Brighton and a brewing talent for the past four years, the quartet of vocalist and guitarist Martin Gibbins, guitarist Dion Lay, bassist Harley Kilburn, and drummer Annalise Vineer take their influences from the likes of Pavement, The Pixies, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth to conjure up a sound that goes beyond those inspirations whether by coincidence or not to bring back the instinctive and uncomplicated sounds from further back. There is a seventies punk and post punk feel which permeates both songs in different ways to offer a simple but infectious element to the intelligent and finely crafted songs.

Both songs are distinctly different whilst both a persistent and engaging mix of contagious melodies, barbed hooks, and discordant energy. From the duo of songs alone the essence of the band and their wink of the eye humour wraps every note and sound to offer an honesty and innocence which one feels is as devious and cheeky as the songs themselves.

‘OMG’ strides into the ear with an caustic melodic discordance which emerges into a sirenesque hypnotic droning intrusion. The driving bass of Kilburn continually growls and stalks the senses as Gibbins unveils his comic everyday social observations, whilst both guitars slice through with acidic melodies that carry a Buzzcocks like contagion to their mesmeric clamour. As the rhythms of Vineer jab and punctuate the songs it is all combined a wonderful swarm of noise.  The wired energetic sonic revelation is a stirring mix of The Gaa Gaa’s, Television Personalities, and Top Buzzer with a splash of Splodgenessabounds, a song which brings the post punk of the past into the garage pop of today.

Second song, ‘Sometimes,’ is a fuzzier restrained creature though still hungry to play and tease the senses. Once more the rhythms and bass of Vineer and Kilburn grab the attention with their predatory and taunting craft whilst the guitars of Gibbins and Lay leave the ear spellbound with their instinctive manipulations and hyperactive energy. The song is more relaxed than the first though no less intense as it envelopes the ear with a scuzzy garage rock discord to offer thoughts of The Pixies, Public Image Ltd, Turbogeist, and Swell Maps.

The single is pure joy with the only drawback being it is only two songs, the band and tracks leaving one drooling for a lot more which surely is just a matter of time. Raised On Replicas? Love them!

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