Pythia - The-Serpent's-CurseFantasy/power metal band Pythia hail from the mystical capital of England, London. After demonstrating their musical talents for almost 5 years, they have released their second album “The Serpent’s Curse”, dedicating their music to their fans and expanding the story even further with tales of fantasy. The album fuses classical symphonies, heavy metal and operatic vocals to conjure up the tales. Pythia’s music has similarities with bands such as: Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation.

The quintet consists of vocalist Emily Alice Ovenden, drummer & founder Marc Dyos, guitarists Ross White and Tim Neale, and finally keyboardist Richard Holland. They combine their immense talents to produce an assortment of theatrical sounds and atmospheric melodies to create an idyllic album.

Naming just a few of the tracks that have a sense of quality and tasteful elements about them, beginning with ‘Cry Of Our Nation’. The intro has a simple acoustic guitar along with a slow solo ballad, in the background a drum march plays before it then folds into fast paced power metal drumming. The atmosphere is almost a sense of a battle scene, ready for glory and triumph, which gives the song a pleasant feel and an epic finish.

Another mighty track is ‘Just a Lie,’ starting out with a rapid chords. The song then slows down into the verses, which have a mixture of symphonic vocals along with heavy strumming before the chorus kicks in and it goes back to how the intro started. The song has a variety of solo’s and incredibly fast paced riffs, but also has some fine variations that complete the track.

‘The Circle’ has a varied, progressive gothic style making it stand out from the rest of the album simply because of its eerie, mysterious symphonies and dark atmospheric melodies. The song is almost a fairy-tale written to sway with to the music, which makes it unique and enjoyable. Thus showing that Pythia has great musical imaginations and ideas fusing together impressively.

The final notable track of the album is Our Forgotten Land,’ which in a way is similar to ‘The Circle’ with its operatic vocals and symphonic melodies. Nevertheless, the track has its own style with haunting atmospheric passages.

Overall, the album has impressed, it has ticked all the boxes with my expectations of fantasy/power metal. I wouldn’t hesitate at the chance of listening to them again and neither should you. It’s a great album that I would recommend simply because of its capturing tracks and ballads, which would keep your musical minds entertained for a while, at least.

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