Purified In Blood - Flight Of A Dying SunNorwegian metal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thy putrid vocals as they vomit up evilness incarnate. I love the blaring guitars which shred my ears and doth make them bleed. I love the bombastic drumming that I can feel deep in my bones. This is my ode to Purified in Blood’s “Flight Of A Dying Sun”. It is all these things and more. Hallgeir Enoksen, Sander Loen, Tommy Svela, Stog Andersen, and Anders Mosness third full length album is just as heavy and crushing as you’d expect from Norwegian metal.

What strikes me is the guitar tone from Sander and Tommy. It has a 70s fusion and prog sound, but the composition is all metal. The juxtaposition is a heavenly sound. Not angel wings and harps and fluffy cloud heavenly, a more thrashing about the living room, driving fast, blasting it at 11 heavenly. The guitars create a groove that’s hard to escape from. It’s like heavy molasses stuck in molten lava groove. ‘Storm of Blood’ and ‘Mot Grav’ are indicative of this sound.

‘Iron Hands’, on the other hand, is just slow and putrid and evil. I didn’t think it possible for the molten groove to slow down any more, but it does. One gets lost in the mire and muck of ‘Iron Hands’. The guitar solo is mesmerizing. If there was a volcano nearby, I’d gladly offer myself up to it as a sacrifice. If anyone had any misgivings about Hallgeir Enoksen taking over sole vocal duties, this disk puts that to rest. Hallgeir is captivating on his own.

As groove laden and molten as ‘Iron Hands’ is, ‘Mind Is Fire’ is a frenzied fast paced circle pit whirling dervish of psychotic motion. The music for ‘Mind Is Fire’ relates what it must feel like to really have your mind on fire. The song has these breaks in it where all the action just abruptly stops and then takes off again and then stops. It’s sudden and jerky. I like it. It’s good.

‘Escape To Solace’ is horror movie evil Bela Lugosi is dead. Adne Saeverud on organ is just an evil masterpiece stroke of genius. The layers to ‘Escape To Solace’ pretty much ensures that no escape is possible. The crushing weight of the song is amazing as a mid-eastern guitar solo intertwines through the cacophony of sound. There is so much going on from 2:53 to 4:27 that the listeners mind is properly blown. It’s straight up 70s progressive rock here but it’s done with such musicality and unbridled awesomeness.

Purified in Blood close out their album with ‘Flight Of A Dying Sun’. It’s a hard hitting and heavy piece that’s worth all 8 minutes and 59 seconds. The guitar playing and solos are head banging worthy. The organ has shades of Rainbow and Deep Purple. Overall, it’s a darn good album, nice and heavy but intricate enough to keep you interested.

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