Prosperina - Faith In Sleep“Faith in Sleep” is the incredibly assured and mature debut from Welsh power trio, Prosperina. The bands biog compares them to Pink Floyd, Isis and Kyuss – lofty company to aspire to. You can certainly hear elements of all those artists throughout this album, but never overtly. Prosperina have their own sound but I’d say that Baroness‘ “Yellow and Green” album would be the nearest and handiest match.

It opens with ‘Piper Alpha’, a stately, harmony drenched tale of the famous oil disaster. This is no grand standing, straight out of the blocks assault on the listener but a measured piece of cerebral, adult rock music with melodies that will slowly worm their way into your brain. And so it goes for the majority of this record. There is a calmness, almost a stillness at the core of this music that will not be rushed. The short title track is pastoral and psychedelic a la Pink Floyd and leads into the questing, cosmic guitars of ‘Snow Leopard’ and picks up the pace with a surprisingly aggressive rallying refrain of ‘into the jaws of death we ride’

It’s one of the rare moments where Prosperina sound like angry young men. The other one follows in the shape of ‘Trees Have Eyes’. It rumbles on with an expansive Kyuss riff, and livens up considerably with impassioned vocals from Gethin Woolcock and turns out a very Iron Maiden-esque central guitar solo. Frankly, this is a bit of a relief from all the polished, mid-paced, polite stuff. Therein lies my problem with this album. It is easy to admire, but difficult to love.

You’ll notice I have used words like cerebral and polished to describe it. I don’t wish to damn it with faint praise, it really is an impressive debut. It’s just that I tend to like my music redder of tooth and claw. Over repeated listens the album has revealed itself to be an impressive and intelligent piece of work, but it leaves me slightly cold and unmoved.

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