Project Void - The Anthropogenic ProcessOn the “spectrum of harshness” that encompasses various metal subgenres, the 10, the diamond-hard crystal of almost unlistenable hatred, is ambient black metal. For those not initiated, the name may sound like a contradiction. While ambient music is almost always a very mellow affair, the ambient bits of an ambient black metal album tend to do no less than invoke an utter hellscape. Reading the artist bios of ambient black metal musicians, many state that their music stems for their most negative emotions; their utter repugnance toward and hatred of humanity made audible.

Yes, I like this stuff.

Crucial Blast has made the release of ambient black metal one of their stock-in-trade categories. It’s a specialty of theirs. I’ve appreciated their selection and have reviewed several of their albums previously. Project Void’s “The Anthropogenic Process” typifies the genre on a basic level, but deviates from the established formula with varying degrees of success.

“The Anthropogenic Process” is a bit more experimental at points than the last few Crucial Blast ambient black metal releases I’ve heard. Having said that though, it works and it doesn’t. For instance on the first track, “Filth,” the primitive synth beats don’t particularly mesh well with the total sonic destruction in the rest of the track. Likewise, the vocals on “Praey” start out sounding like someone who is mocking black metal style vox.

Still, by the end of the album, I came to appreciate the industrial synth and electronic distortion. They’re what make Project Void unique. In every genre convention can dictate, and I salute anyone willing to go and try something new.

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