Pith - ForeForming in 2007, Nova Scotians Pith had to put their musical desires on the backburner due to that little thing called “life” getting in the way of aspirations. Fast forward to 2011 and Pith have finally put their stamp on the heavy metal world with “Fore”, a four track EP full of thundering riffs (Jason Vautor – Guitar and Troy Kirker – Bass). A couple of line up changes here and there, and the band are now a fully formed live unit most recently sharing the stage with absolute, no doubt about it, legends (and quite a sizeable influence it seems) Napalm Death. Pretty cool eh?

All tightly controlled beats and progressions, Pith burst forth in a hail of sound and fury. Suitably guttural roars force themselves over an occasional high pitched wail that lies hidden in the background on “Counterinformant,” a track with a dense swagger and massive tones of rock essence.”Compressor” meanwhile, is surely the catchiest thing this side of the common cold;  Pith hammering at those drums like there’s probably no tomorrow and vocalist Brett Campaigne giving it his darnedest throughout – someone pass the dude a throat lozenge before he shouts himself hoarse.

“Fore” is a sterling first recording from this Canadian band, and with time they are sure to round out their sound and become the slamming juggernaut this EP threatens to let loose. By no means is this a slight on the band, they have some truly excellent moments – the fuzzy distortion of the opening track “Pith,” the sublimely quick blasting of Myles Deck (a seat now held by Chris Gatza) on drums and the insane (computerised) little twist on vocals during “Pervitin.” But to these ears, it’s not quite there yet. “Fore” is great fun, and the future does look promising for this quintet.

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