Pigs - You Ruin EverythingAt some point last year, I noted on To Eleven that noise rock had returned. In fact Unsane recently released their “Wreck” album which I found basically enjoyable, but lacking the immediacy and ferocity of their older releases.

Basically everything I found lacking on “Wreck” is present on “You Ruin Everything” in spades. This is aggressive, high energy, brutal noise rock in the best tradition. For what is basically a nasty style of music, “You Ruin Everything” is eminently listenable. Maybe this is because it pushes into other territories, most notably having a very solid math rock underpinning.

It was something for me to hear that kind of sound played in manner that was an engaging listen; not overly spastic to the point of distraction, nor an attempt to display prowess at the expense of the song. Punk rock is also an element of Pigs sound and again, this fits in perfectly with their sound.

As is sometimes the case, the more I enjoy an album, the less I can find to say about it. “You Ruin Everything” is a great record, it might be the best slab of noise rock I’ve heard since rediscovering the genre.

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