Pig Destroyer - Book BurnerThe anticipation and excitement of a new Pig Destroyer album has been rather unsettling, in a good way. I finally got my chance to sample the new album titled “Book Burner”, which is the band’s 5th full-length album to date. Bound to be release on the 22nd of October via Relapse Records. Pig Destroyer has been destroying eardrums and causing internal bleeding with their “noise” not music we as fans love so much. After cranking up the old stereo and blasting the album as loud as possible I felt mixed emotions.

From the album titles and track lengths one would think “right, here is some noise I can hate the government and society to”. It does deliver in this regard to a certain extent. I feel that with the superior production quality it has lost that grindcore edge. It might just be my perspective and opinion. However, I believe that grindcore should be as dirty and as raw as humanely possible, this unfortunately is not the case with “Book Burner”. One could say that it might be progression of the band musically, willing and daring to experiment with something new. I totally respect the band and the direction of the new album.

If I can put it in terms that are easy to understand, I would say that grindcore is like hardcore porn of the extreme music world and it’s not for everyone. The new Pig Destroyer album in relation to this “metaphor” if you can call it that, is like softcore porn. Not necessarily in a bad sense, but softcore porn being what it is, has the right idea, just that all the proper dirty bits everyone wants to see have been edited out. This new album from a musical showmanship point of view, is excellent, in terms of the skills the bands member’s posses. For me, it just lacks that raw ear crushing intensity and killer instinct produced by the previous albums, which might be as a result the superior production quality of the album.

However, this album is not to be trifled with, it still has some excellent riffs, Katyusha rocket drumming intensity and killer vocals. I feel that this album could serve as a good stepping-stone for those of you with a love for extreme music to ease your way into grindcore if you’re curious to what it has to offer. This being said, the new album also has a very metal edge to it, which would appeal to fans within the heavy metal side of extreme music.

All and all, I feel that it is a solid album and Pig Destroyer are still one of the best grindcore acts to date, and “Book Burner” is definitely worth checking out. The album might surprise some fans, however, it does have a tendency to grow on you.

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