With the last album by Peep Show being a huge success, selling more than 2000 copies from just word of mouth, these Scottish maniacs are back with even bigger and better material than ever with their forth coming album “Brand New Breed” which hits the shelves this May 28th.

With modern metal and sleaze influences bursting at the seams, you can here similar sounds to Blessed By A Broken Heart, Kill Hannah and Black Veil Brides. Fronted by the alluring voice of singer/songwriter Johnny Gunn, who participated in the writing of three songs off of Crash Diet’s “Generation Wild.” And after hearing this album, it isn’t hard to understand why they asked for his song writing skills, as the magnificent lyricing expertise is highly evident from start to finish in this album.

After catching some of the biggest support slots in the sea with names such as Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Backyard Babies and of course CrashDiet, it is time to get back into the studio and write yet another masterpiece.

With a climatic intro setting off this album with such suspense your body tenses up in anticipation, then the brimming blast of the synths start as ‘Let Go’ transforms you into a whirl wind of excitement.

‘Live Free Or Die’ is a loud, energetic anthem which was made to be played on arena sized stages. With its wild and reckless drum beats, with the sing along choruses, this song not only sends out a vital message “live free or die, your barely alive, don’t you know you’re one of a kind” but it gives out inspiration to anyone who is struggling and in a difficult place. The solos are eloquently put together, and the whole ensemble is faultless.

‘Follow Your Instincts’ is refreshing, with lots of different influences. It is a rather tranquil piece, which reminds me of an epic movie score for slow motion battle scene for a Transformers film, the Kill Hannah influence is highly obvious in this track.

With songs like ‘Feed On Me’ and ‘All Or Nothing’ the tone comes down and the lights start to dim as Gunn serenades you with his eloquent lyrics that play on the heart strings.

This album is superb. The song writing and is spot on, and exactly what you should expect from the modern metal/sleaze genre these days. With its anthemic chorus’s and inspirational lyrics, there is barely a fault. I would definitely recommend this album to any fans of Crash Diet and any other of the above stated bands. You will not be disappointed.

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