Paramore. Depending on who you are or what type of music you like that name will mean something different to you than it probably does to someone else. What it means to me is a good time, Paramore are one of those bands that I love, a band that is full of youthful exuberance and who make me smile like very few bands can. I have a lot of great memories connected to this band and in a lot of cases the people that they remind me of.

Tonight’s show at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh is a warm up show for the band’s sub headline slots at the Reading and Leeds Festival where they will play to a much larger audience, however there is a palpable air of anticipation here tonight, now I’m not sure if that is down to the fact that Paramore are in town or if it’s due to this neck of the woods not seeing much in the way of gigs, either way people are excited.

Paramore stride onstage with all the confidence in the world, which quite frankly is more than justified, as their live reputation is well known, opening with a brilliant ‘Brick by boring Brick’ which wakes the crowd up instantly whilst providing us with the first crowd wide sing a long of the night, it’s clear from the off Paramore are here to have some fun, and over the course of an hour and a half the band does just that.

In the short space of time since Paramore has been active and releasing music the band has amassed a rather large collection of hits that making a setlist for the band is pretty much a no brainer, and tonight they roll out all the hits, from the Twilight and Transformers soundtrack cuts ‘Decode’ and ‘Monster’ to the album stand outs ‘Only Exception’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Born for this’, ‘Ignorance’ and set closer ‘Misery Business’ the band rolls out all the big guns, with the only notable exception being ‘CrushCrushCrush’ which is absent from tonight’s set, but not really missed.

Paramore even play some newer material in the form of the tracks that make up the bands ‘Singles Club’ e.p which hints at the direction the band may take on album number 4.

Tonight’s show is fun, high energy and show’s Paramore in a loose frame of mind, although no less spectacular than you would expect there is a freshness that shines through and it allows a glimpse into the band, and how they appear to have been reborn, taking the vibe back to that of a band playing songs in their garage for the first time as opposed to the world conquering machine they have gone on to become.

There aren’t many words to sum up or describe gigs like this, but it was definitely a treat for all the faithful gathered here to see a band of this stature in a venue this small having the absolute time of their lives. There is a reason why I love Paramore and tonight the band has provided reason upon reason to not only justify my ongoing love for them, but they also manage to reinforce it as well. Great stuff all round.

Photograph reproduced from the awesome webzine ThisIsFakeDIY

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