Painted Black - Cold ComfortPainted Black‘s “Cold Comfort” is an intriguing album. It’s dark and brooding, even channelling Fields of the Nephilim in places. The opening track ‘Via Dolorosa’ is a 9 minute opus. It’s spoken word over classics 80’s new wave music, interspersed with a haunting female voice, creating a very atmospheric track. At about six and a half minutes in, it wanders lovingly into Pink Floyd territory with guitar solo that would make David Gilmour proud, which precedes some seriously dark guttural lyrical styling. The guitar and drums are pure metal at this point. ‘Via Dolorosa’ takes you through many musical journeys and styles.

‘Shadowbound’ and ‘The Rain In June’ are great tracks.  Daniel Lucas‘s vocals vacillate between smooth and silky and guttural and nasty. He definitely sounds like Carl McCoy and that’s a good thing. Luis Fazendeiro and Miguel Matos on guitars are quite front and center.  ‘Absent Heart’ is a gorgeously layered ballad. The title track ‘Cold Comfort’ is a hard driving song. There is so much momentum, it’s hard not to head bang through the whole thing. Rui Matos on drums is solid. ‘Inevitability’ is full of such longing and sadness. Rui Matos‘s drumming really propels the song and is indeed the back bone for the track, as Luis Fazendeiro and Miguel Matos on guitar play off each other brilliantly.

I like the album. It’s one that can easily be listened to over and over again. It is rich in tones and texture. The singing is solid, Daniel Lucas proves he has the chops to really sing and do the growly voice. When he chooses to do them,  growls only accentuate the music. Rui Matos on drums is a monster, he is strong and relentless. The drumming really propels the album forward while keeping a nice steady time.

“Cold Comfort” is one of those albums you like but not sure why you like it. Everything on the album sounds good. “Cold Comfort,” comforts you; the music envelops you. It’s perfect for nights in with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.

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