Overkill - The Electric AgeOverkill has been one of the best and most consistent thrash bands in the last 3 decades. Formed in 1980, with a discography that speaks for itself, they are back with their 16th full-length album in the form of “The Electric Age”. It has been widely disputed that they are definitely one of the best thrash bands from the US to be overlooked for the so-called Big 4 or Big bore as I refer to them often.

This being said, Overkill is one of the few thrash bands that have stuck to their guns throughout the decades. Their style is still the same; great thrash with killer riffs and Bobby Blitz as prominent as ever on vocals. The band has had it’s share of line-up changes in the past with only Bobby Blitz and D.D. Verni being the only two static members left from the original line-up.

In terms of albums, they have been very consistent with their releases each of which is just an awesome thrash album you can hate your parents too and get super violent with whilst headbanging in your room.

Getting into the thick of things. The album starts off with a track titled “Come and Get It” which serves as a proper intro to the album. It kicks off with some good build up just to wet the apatite. As soon as you are delicately poised, and the build up reaches the climax it stops and gets into the business of thrashing or thrashness if you will.

With killer riffs, precision drumming and of course Mr. Blitz with his classic vocals you soon realized that it is the same tried and trusted Overkill approach we have all come to love and admire. The track is abnormally long for a first track; however, it has some really epic breakdowns to it.

Something different has been added to the traditional Overkill approach with a rather abnormal choir singing in the background, something one would expect from a power metal band. It does add that something extra in terms of variety to the track. The solo is killer and the song ends off powerfully!

“Electric Rattlesnake” is another track that really made my thrasher-sense tingle. Even though this song is rather lengthy, this is nothing new to Overkill fans, being use to songs that push 5 to 6 minutes in length. The track kicks off with a little sound clip, which is appropriate before the relentless thrash machine gets going. The riffs are perfect, razor sharp and give the track a good groove element.

Not that far into the track we are treated to a solo, this doesn’t break the momentum, as it is business as usual once the solo has run its course. There is one significant breakdown that slows it all down before it starts building again only to let you down easily. The track slows down where The Blitz memorizes us before the tempo gets more upbeat and builds again. The second solo is more significant and showcases the musical genius within the band. The track ends on a solid note.

Finally, “All Over But The Shouting” is another track that stood out for me personally. It has more rhythm-intense riffs, which makes it really enjoyable, and the pace of the track is perfect to get the head banging too. One could say Hell-risen- transmissions that will put you back in the 80’s.

The solo, yet again is immaculate and just so precise and executed with such precision it is god-like. The track also pushes the 5 minute 30 second mark, which I personally didn’t realize listening to the song. You get so enthralled in the riffs, drumming and not to mention the vocals style it is hard to not enjoy this track or any other off this album for that matter.

We truly are spoiled with 10 amazing tracks that all come to the party in making this a classic for many years to come. The legendary thrashers from New Jersey have delivered probably the thrash album of the year so far. The album weighs in at around 50 minutes of thrash that will definitely leave you with a bangover for days!

My over all impression of the album is no secret; all the tracks have awesome riffs and killer solos. The production isn’t overdone, just classic thrash. Overkill’s “The Electric Age” is a real treat to anyone with an ear for some old school thrash metal. I would highly recommend… no, demand that lovers of thrash metal get a copy of this album. For me personally, The “Electric Age” is one of the best thrash metal albums I have heard in recent years. Brilliant album and I can’t wait to see them live later this summer. Thrash till Death!

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