out of vogue - out of vogueIt’s a well known fact that attention spans have drastically wavered in recent years what with the advent of mobile phones with more functions than the Voyager space probe and our disposable, fast-paced consumerist lifestyles all conspiring to… Hey, are you even reading this!?

Perhaps this is why bands such as Swedish ‘positive hardcore’ merchants Out of Vogue think they can get away with releasing an EP that lasts for the grand total of seven minutes. Hardly value for money, but then it’s streaming on their website anyway and no-one seemingly has the time to digest full length releases any more, so perhaps it’s a smart move.

Featuring four tracks of frantic, thrash infused hardcore, this self-titled EP provides a tantalizingly brief snippet of the Out of Vogue sound, and it’s one that should appeal to anyone who dig the Cro-Mags and who doesn’t dig the Cro-Mags? There’s no variation, just a full throttle crossover barrage of riffs in ‘Flag’ and ‘One by One’ that are custom designed for raging circle pits and gang chants. This kind of music doesn’t require close inspection, so Out of Vogue’s business model makes all the more sense.

So, take seven (count ‘em) minutes out of your busy schedule and get involved. You won’t regret it.

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