Toronto was beautifully brisk as a friend and I headed down Queen Street West to the Great Hall to catch Wyrd Visions, Sons of Otis, Daniel Higgs and the headliner for that November 18th evening, OM. Playing tracks off “Advaitic Songs” such as ‘State of Non-Return’ and ‘Sinai,’ then delving into some material with which I was less familiar; it was as if I were transported into another world.  Completely serene and entrenched in the waves of sound that continued to crash over me, only to smooth out and lay tranquil.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe could easily make the one man band label classy with the plethora of instrumental talents he exudes. Bells, keys, tambura; more instruments than I could count during their hour long set, he caught me off guard with his high vocal tone; almost ethereal in nature which contrasted his slightly eccentric appearance.

Al Cisneros felt every note drift from his fingers to bass, grooving with the rhythm in perfect time as he’d lay down his steady poetics and allow the pulse to drive the tune.  Emil Amos’ performance was flawless and sustained the tempo of their 60 minute set in perfect harmony.  It seemed to fly by.

OM gave an exciting and lively performance, a feat which eluded a difficult task after absorbing the mood of their latest album.  Fastening your focus upon them, it was as if you were locked into their hypnotic trance.  This whole experience could have just been me crawling on my hands and knees, speaking in tongues and involved in the largest group orgy of godly creatures.  I mean, what would I know?  Sure I was their but OM’s music always seems to take me somewhere else and I know I was not the only mind buried deep into its unconscious.  My only suggestion would be that the next venue they play be filled with suspended hammocks as to further enhance the state of relaxation and inner discovery their performance creates.

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