OM - Advaitic SongsIn only 5 tracks, California’s OM descends you into a world of smoke and mirrors where religious paths are left open, passively inviting, open for discussion, exploration and integration so that you may just find what grounds you; a reason for existence or even your path to enlightenment.

Consisting of the rhythm section of the well-known stoner doom band, Sleep with Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and now Emil Amos on drums since 2008 when Chris Hakius made his departure from the band.  They seem to have left a lot of the doom elements in the dust. Released on July 24th, 2012, “Advaitic Songs” utilizes an array of melodic chants and Middle Eastern style melodies to engage even the most uncertain metal newbie. It’s almost questionable whether this would even be in consideration as a metal album had it not been for the band member’s former projects.

Cascading over you in psychedelic waves, Al Cisneros spoken word chants settle comfortably amidst the dips and peaks to create an atmosphere not unlike the psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd and dream like qualities of Jefferson Airplane. Tabla and cello string together the meditative drum beats into tracks ranging in between five and eleven and a half minutes; time that should be spent in dimly lit rooms puffing hookah and contemplating the prospects of a higher power.  Climbing pretty steadily from “Addis” to “State of Non-Return”, “Gethsemane t” to “Sinai” and letting you off on the gentle rhythms of “Haqq al-Yaqin;” tracks which remain almost sacred in comparison to their earlier sound.

“Advaitic Songs” reaps the rewards of quality from its creators and is unlike anything I’ve heard out this year.  It might be a leap of faith to sit down to this album without the time to contemplate it, but even as background noise, the drone, beats and strings of its melodic body make space for a still and conscious mind.

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