Old Head - Maximum RockOld Head are just that, old heads on not so young shoulders. These guys don’t have much wisdom to impart on tracks like ‘Kill Kill Kill’ but what they do show is that they have learned to do what they love and what they love is old school metal and thrash. There was a gleeful punk-ish enthusiasm on early records by Exodus, Metallica and Anthrax and it’s something Old Head clearly retain.

Tracks like ‘Libertine’ and ‘Almost Cut My Hair’ have a loose conversational style that invites the listener in whilst simultaneously smashing you over the head with powerhouse drumming. Drummer Richard Hoak (ex Brutal Truth) is a real star here and plays like a thrash Keith Moon, seemingly trying to hit everything at once and it’s all the rest of the band can do to keep up with him. Not to do down the rest if the band whose performances are excellent.

Vocalist MegaDan Tumolo has a good range and awesomely deranged style, super slick guitarist Ryan Moll is clearly influenced by Alex Skolnick and Kirk Hammett (‘Libertine’ sound eerily like Testament) and bassist Dan O’Hare has breakout bass runs and mainly just keeps it all together .

On ‘Rock n Roll Doctor’ Old Head delve further into their influences with a mildly swinging WASP-like scream along and is just as fun as the rest of the album.

Last track ‘Ballad of Old Head’ confirms your suspicions and lays out their manifesto. “Don’t follow us and we won’t follow you”. They live to rock and these (old) boys just wanna have fun. This old boy concurs, but I’m sure Old Head don’t give a monkeys what anyone thinks. Righteous!

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