Okular - ProbioticMany metal fans associate Norway for their Black Metal but not this band. I’m talking about the band Okular. Formed in Oslo, Norway they have been producing and implementing some of the most brutal and earth shattering death metal for the followers of the genre. The band have been working on their debut album and now they are ready to storm our unsuspecting ears with their utter brutality and menace, which is why their new debut album “Probiotic” has become a massive fist flying, feet stomping and hair swinging death metal brilliance.

The band consists of the monstrous frontman Andreas Aubert, who does the composition, lyrics and backing vocals. Then we have Marius Skarsem Pederson combining immense guitar and vocals, finally we have Bjorn Tore who is ready to pulverise the drums into oblivion.

After listening to the entire album and getting mesmerized into its complete mind blowing experience, I have selected a few tracks which have some tasteful delights I’d like to share. Firstly, would be the named ‘Connected In Betrayal’ which has a great power blast intro with some monstrous vocal techniques, styled into the technical guitar riffs and rhythmic speed drumming that give a nostalgic sense of power.

Secondly, the track ‘Flowers Uncared For’ has a sort of serenading guitar solo intro that puts you into a different state of mind before the fast guitar chugging and thrash style kick in along with some more strong vocals and carefully disciplined beats, which shows more of their creative side.

‘Creativity Or Fear’ has a deep deathly guitar, almost atmospheric riff that  synchronises greatly with the vocals and impeccable solos that occur on occasions through each verse and chorus. Similar to that track would be ‘State Of Immediacy’ which has a progressive ghostly atmospheric intro and then it kicks into a rage of drumming and energetically charged verses. Overall, the two tracks combined give a complete intense and enjoyable variation.

Okular have put an amazing effort into producing an album that has a lot of variations whilst keeping the expectations of listeners to the genre the band is assigned to. This is an album that I would strongly recommend you listen to as it has so many surprises and knock-out tracks that will give you goosebumps all over your body.

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