Odium - Burning The Bridges To NowhereAfter 2009’s release “At the Bottom” Odium find themselves releasing the tricky second album. For those unfamiliar with the quintet, they hail from Hanover, Ontario in Canada. Prior to their debut  release the band found themselves scratching away at the music industry and this second album is testament to their determination and resilience.

Fans of Killswitch Engage or All That Remains will enjoy Odium’s second offering, although the production values are less polished, making “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere” a little rougher around the edges than your avarage KSE or ATR record. Vocalist Thomas Emmans hits 3 levels, a barking growl, a pained shout and an almost emo clean vocal. This combination allows the band to develop moods and breakdowns with vigour and punch. These vocal variations are frankly stunning and combined with a moody atmosphere set the listener into a sombre mood.

There is a lot to enjoy here, admirers of thrash metal will appreciate the chugging guitar riffs and Slipknot devotees will enjoy the heavy drum patterns. A softer side also develops through the album with ‘Blue Channel’ and ‘The Descent’. Together with some orchestral moments they provide a welcome listening break within the record. The more sombre moments of “Burning Bridges To Nowhere” point towards Tool in many ways, including a dazzling vocal segway in “Claw My Eyes Out”

Speaking in melodic metalcore terms this is a solid record. Odium can be proud of this effort. However, the album suffers a little in originality. It’s not particularly ground-breaking nor is it more inspiring than this outfits’ debut from2009. Infact, both albums follow a very similar pattern and even end with a clichéd ballad. A lot of the credit should go to Thomas Emmans, because without his vocals Odium would find it difficult to stand out in a busy crowd.

‘Burning the Bridges to Nowhere’ is released on April 24th through Year of the Sun Records, the band are currently recording a video and are planning to tour this summer. Odium are Thomas Emmans – Vocals, Joe Mullen – Drums, Andrew Fullerton – Guitar, Bo Louther – Guitar, Dale Burrows – Bass.

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