Obscenity - Atrophied in Anguish [Review]If you look at a map of Europe, you could identify where most sub-genres of metal stem from, Sweden for it’s death metal and grindcore and black metal, Norway for it’s black metal, Britain for some classic heavy metal and some more death metal, Germany for Thrash etc. However, in recent years Germany has become a breeding ground for some extreme music. I consider myself a massive death metal fan and I was taken aback to discover that Obscenity firstly existed, secondly was from Germany. How does an awesome death metal band like that stay under the radar?

Anyway, moving along. Obscenity will release their 8th full-length titled “Atrophied in Anguish”, it will also be their first album in 6 years. It seems that it is the comeback of old school death metal bands this year of 2012. The band originates from Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Right, getting stuck in, the record kicks off with a rather weird sound clip, before guitars, drums rains death down on your putrid soul, perpetual barrage gore fuel hatred! The guitar work is sharp, drumming is precise, and it acts as fire accelerant on an already blazing mess of corpses. The lyrical content is very gore, torture and death related, as you do when trying to obliterate the human senses.

Pretty solid track to start off if you ask me. If this anything to go about for the rest of the able you might as well call the crematory to fire up the incinerator, total death awaits.

Moving on swiftly, the majority of the record does have a similar feel to it, however it is in no way one-dimensional. Riffs are diverse in terms of tempo, fresh and will maul your face into tine human sized beef bricks.’Swine To The Slaughter’ really does demand the listeners attention as it kicks off with a “pig-rape squeal”, if that is even a thing, if not, it sure as hell is now. The track has everything, awesome riffs, amazing blast beats, but all maintaining a mid-tempo pace so you can really get stuck in and head bang until your neck muscles cease and cramp.

Overall, I think it is an amazing aspect, it has its technicality, but it isn’t overdone and is nicely balanced out record with something for all death metal fans. If you feel like having your face ripped off, check out this death metal abomination and you won’t be disappointed.

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