Nya - NyaNya formed in London in 2008 having clearly decided that what the world needs is another Lacuna Coil. Recently recruiting new vocalist Anezka Piska they have just released their second self-titled EP and it’s a valiant effort to match the aforementioned female fronted heavyweights, just one that falls below the mark.

From the very first post-nu metal riff that opens up ‘Face the Music’ this release seems to lack passion, which is a shame as some of the ideas are good in theory, just not executed as well as they could be. ‘Better Off This Way’ sounds like I’ve heard it before (and possibly more than once) and ‘The Beckoning’ sounds far too busy, with various vocal layers and the final “Fuck you!” is delivered with about as much conviction as a Atheist saying Grace.

The fourth and final track ‘Fall of Man’ does little to save things as it plods along like the other tracks with no real feeling of energy or urgency behind the performances.

I personally expected more from the former sticksman of Season’s End but sadly this merely showcases a number of forgettable tracks which at this stage fail to mark Nya as any sort of contender in the British metal scene.

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