Nominon - The CleansingSweden, 1993, enter Nominon at the time an underground death metal act. Fast forward almost 20 years, line-up changes move by, record deals come and go, cassettes were manufactured and vinyl was pressed, but these Swedes have weathered it and are still here. Bringing you their fifth full length release, “The Cleansing”, Nominon have remained death metal dealers and dedicated musicians, and it comes through on this release.

Black and white cover, dudes covered in pentagrams, intro interlude titled ’Satanical Incubation’, I am in the right place at the right time. Jumping off in ‘In The Name of Gomorrah’ we are immediately assaulted with drums that a deathly fast, strong riffs, chugging along mid pace at times building to frenzy and letting back into that mid paced riffage. These lads may not be a household name and still part of the now global extreme scene underground but they know how to play it deathly proper. This may just be the best death metal that you have never heard of or at least I didn’t. It only took 75 seconds to convert me from who are they to fan. Following this blistering opening track ‘Mausoleum’, ‘Unholy Sacrifice’ and the title track all match it in delivery, skill and intensity. With the shorter slot the title track has it becomes a whirling dervish and never really relents for over 2 minutes, take that Grindcore!

When ‘Hellwitch’ and ‘Son of Doom’ appear on the horizon I was fairly convinced in the ability of the musical emotion conveyed. It is death metal, not frills, just plain in your face brutal death metal, is there really another way to deliver it? Not over produced, not under produced, just right for the soul of the release. Skoog’s vocals thus far have been delivered with utterly deathly emotion. Right amount of scream and clean, mixed such that it adds a great layer into the entire music. ‘Son of Doom’ is the vocal stand out track for me. Skoog starts off with a great howl growl and continues to lay stab after stab of beastly delivered lyrics. These Swedes have assembled and delivered the total package hitting you with all instrument like chunks of flying granite.

We can now count Nominon as peers with such greats in the field as Vader, Grave, Autopsy, and Obituary. This is as death metal should be, fast, brutal, and in your face. An aural assault of pain and pleasure. If you have never heard of these blokes, give them a try, if you have heard of them, this is definitely one to acquire. Don’t expect a genre bending release. This is no nonsense death metal and for that I say job well done.

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