Noctem are a Spanish band who play a blackened death style of metal. The album has been out since October and I’m kind of surprised that no one here had picked it up for review.

“Oblivion” while not a fantastic album is certainly a well-played album. All of the elements of a good blackened death metal album are here: Fast as fuck riffs, blast beats, screeching vocals combined with some growly type death metal vocals, and songs that rail against religion and everything that is holy. Even the band members names are perfect for a blackened death band with names such as Beleth, Exo, Helion, and Ul.

The band do what they do extremely well, keeping the songs coming at a furious pace with bits of melody getting thrown in for good measure on songs like “A Borning Winged Snake”. Probably the best comparison to these guys would be that they are similar in style to Behemoth, but not quite at the same level as that band yet. Like I said this is a pretty solid blackened death metal album.

So, now if the album is as solid as I say, why am I only giving it a 6? Simple. Even though the album will win over the hearts of people into this style of music, and the music is played extremely well, the thing is that Noctem don’t really bring anything new to the table. Yeah they can play fast and furiously, and yes, while there are some catchy songs, nothing really stands out to someone who isn’t an avid fan of this type of stuff.

If you’re into this type of music, by all means go ahead and get it. Just be aware that despite the solid musicianship, the songs themselves are nothing special originality wise. If you’re OK with that, cool. Otherwise, the rest of you may as well skip this and go to the Behemoth concert when it rolls through your town instead of picking this album up.

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