Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay [Review]How is it that every Neurosis album is so vastly different, yet sounds so undeniably Neurosis? Is their style that definable that no matter which direction they thrust their experiment, they’ll still sound incredible? “Honor Found In Decay” is no exception.  On October 30th, 2012, they released their 10th full length album through Neurot Recordings (not counting their split with Jarboe which is one of my favorites of all time.)

‘We All Rage In Gold’ commences with the acoustic emulation of gold’s metallic sheen, reverberating screeches and reflections echoing as if recorded in an icy cavern.  Small signs of life peak through the frigid walls.  As much as this track leaves you buried in the sludge of it all, it ebbs and flows, chiming your journey triumphant.

‘At The Well’ affected me more prodigiously than any track since ‘The Eye of Every Storm.’  Archaically envisioned, swelling with vengeance, Steve Von Till poetically narrates the tormented path followed to reclaim what is rightfully his.  Featuring a gorgeous interlude of spoken word, the band plunges down into the soil, smearing their faces with mud and allowing the rhythm to sculpt a way out of the shadows.

11:41m long, ‘My Heart For Deliverance’ incorporates a lot of post rock/metal influence, bringing to mind bands like Rosetta, Shahman, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the psychedelic elements of Elder at times.

Noah Landis’ cyber trails lead you into ‘Bleeding The Pigs’, wobbling and curling around talk of ouroboros, solitude and natures embodiment of our projection and purpose.  Jason Roeder’s drumming is highlighted in tribalistic force, layered with a blanket of keys and select cords, dispersed like falling raindrops.

As another lengthy Neurosis gem, ‘Casting Of The Ages’ takes some breaking in, as the intro is testing and spaced but when the crash hits at 2:08, all’s reassured that once again, there’s no predictability here.  The midi tones emulate the scattered images of ghostly forms; unannounced visits from the valley of death and beyond.

‘All Is Found…In Time’ allows all the pent up rage that’s been stewing bursts in a swell of thick feedback and reverb, only to implode and leave you waiting to be found.  “Tearing the sickness from hearts that are hollow; cracking the bones to get at the marrow” lyrically speaking is my favorite verse of the entire album.  The buildup to this one final line has more emotion and fervor than most bands today and ___ guitar wales.  Kelly’s lyrics slice deep and seize the flow, creating a prompt and infinite cut off which satisfies the ear.  I almost wish this had been the final track on the album for that reason.

I could never do away with ‘Raise The Dawn’ however.  The instruments sing to you like ethereal goddesses.  Gorgeous string bending under the weight of a bow as the dawn rises and the pressure is released.

“Honor Found In Decay” is yet another example of how Neurosis are one of the most talented bands of the past 20 years and will never grow stale.  They’ve easily entered my top 5 for 2012 and I’d like to see another band even attempt to take their place.

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