Nedry - In A Dim LightI like a challenge… especially when it comes to music. I have Wolves In The Throne Room on my iPod because my friends were talking about their recent album and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about… I’m not a death/black/pick-your-subgenre-of-choice metal fan but I challenged myself to give it a go… I wasn’t disappointed.

Similarly, I wasn’t disappointed when Ray gave me ”In a Dim Light” by Nedry… a band I hadn’t heard of before I received the album… and one that he had prefaced with the assertion that it would be out of my comfort zone.

I love deep, bassy, atmospheric electronic music… and I have a fondness for quirky female vocalists… and so ”In A Dim Light” is a marriage made in heaven for me.

The music is wonderfully deep and entrancing… with both a groove and an immersive atmosphere that really holds my attention and rewards this attention with layers of sound that can be sorted through like a record collector digging in the crates. The walls-of-sound presented on this release by Chris Parker and Matt Amblin are truly first class… real bass-heavy bleeding-edge electronics… the kind that really isn’t kind to bass bins or headphones… very much of the standard of Björk or The Knife.

And it is to Björk and The Knife that I turn for comparison when I consider the vocals. Singer Ayu Okakita’s vocals are truly awesome… she comes from Osaka in Japan and has that second-language pronunciation thing that is instantly loveable and decidedly quirky… it unintentionally creates a distinctly leftfield sound… an expression that compliments the soundscapes perfectly and adds something intangible… some kind of presence or spirit… to the tracks and really makes them come alive.

Whilst I absolutely love her voice… it does become apparent that Björk is an influence because, at times, you would be hard pressed to differentiate between the two singers… this isn’t a criticism but more of an observation from a big Björk fan and now… a Nedry fan too.

I would heartily recommend this album to anyone with a fondness for electronic music and happily recommend it… giving it eight out of ten in the process.

Nedry – Official Website