Necrovation - NecrovationBlistering slabs of death worshipping metal issue forth on this, Necovation’s second, eponymous work of ancient ritualistic metal. Hailing from Sweden, lineage is clear with hints of Watain, Dissection, Unanimated and co all evident, yet not overpowering. This is no tribute record and while influences are clear this is a distinctly individual record that confounds attempt at lazy categorisation.

Opener “Necrovorous Insurrection” suggests straight forward head-bang inducing death metal. A monstrously well delivered song, it’s hard to not be caught up in the infectious, sledge hammer beat or the meticulously restrained guitar leads. Before any risk of “same old, same old” creeps in however the pattern is entirely transformed with a series of songs which altogether defy logic, leading instead into the realms of death evocating, temporal-flux as great swathes of nightmarish riffs are dragged upwards from the netherworld to envelope their victims in chthonic tentacles.

There is no formulaic thrashing here, no by-numbers aggression. The entire album vibrates with an element of chaos, the feeling that anything and everything could and will happen. If there is any criticism to level, it’s that at times there’s a concern that things are about to devolve into the wrong sort of disorder, that vision will be lost and that coherence will cease. At these points, and credit due to them for this, Necrovation step back from the brink but it’s enough to take an element of shine off of what is otherwise a superb album.

This aside, there can be no mistake that this is an excellent death metal record. Standing head and shoulders above contemporaries, all elements tie together to create what is a noxious, deeply evil sounding record that will infect even the staunchest non-believer with its primal, urgent onslaught.

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