Natur - Head Of DeathIf you are looking for something deep and meaningful. This is not for you. If you want something that is full of gifted musicality. Nope, not so much. Natur‘s “Head of Death” gives you FUN! “Head of Death” drops on June 7, 2012 via Earache Records. If you intend to throw a party any time this year and you want your guests to have a good time, this is the album to buy!

‘Head of Death’, the song, opens with some epic power chords. Going by just the guitars, which are courtesy of lead singer Weibust on rhythm and Dino on lead, you can tell this album will be full of sweeping vistas, head banging, and even a few Viking hordes. The guitars are indeed a jizz-fest for classic metal guitar lovers everywhere. Plenty of stock classic metal riffage to go around, the lyrics are heavenly cheesy, encompassing such themes as blood and death and the underworld. It truly is a happy WTF moment listening to ‘Head of Death’.

‘The Messenger’ continues the trend of stock riffage, galloping bass lines, slow and epic passages, and solid drumming by Tooth. I’m torn about Weibust‘s vocals. He has zero range, no depth or power, but it just fits the music perfectly. ‘The Messenger’ is metal by the numbers. Power chords? Check. Chunk riffs? Check. Dual Harmonies on guitar? Check. Guitar Solos? Check. Well placed screams? Check. Everything is in it’s proper place.

By the same token how can you not like a band who writes songs called ‘Goblin Shark’ and ‘Spider Baby’. I’m not kidding. Sadly, ‘Goblin Shark’ was written about friend of the band Danny Anderson who recently passed away, an awesome tribute! I won’t try to articulate it, just buy Natur‘s “Head of Death” and go to track three and then track seven. You will have a good time. You won’t regret it, I promise. Don’t get me wrong, Natur‘s “Head of Death” is NOT in contention to be the best album of the year. Not even close, but if you have a lot of keg parties then THIS is the album that will get played the most. “Head of Death” was made for metal house parties.

‘Decion’ is a good example of a party type song. Really good guitar playing, plenty of power chords, epic and sweeping in scope, awesome lyrics about pillaging and killing in forests and doing evil magic. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not want to drink, smoke, and cavort with friends. This song and album are made with camaraderie in mind.

‘The Servant’ is more guitar porn. The entire song is just one happy guitar and drum circle jerk. Weibust, Dino, Sound Mound, and Tooth executed a completely bitchin’ instrumental dedicated to pure epic grandiose sweeping classic heavy metal. I tip my hat to them. ‘The Servant’ careens into ‘Vermin Rift’ which opens with a nifty bass solo by Sound Mound. ‘Mutations in Main’ closes the album in fantastical 70’s prog metal style. For the first two minutes it’s sludgy and ethereal. The guitars swelter and the drums are hypnotic. It’s the end of the night. The end of the party and it’s time to send everyone home with one last cautionary tale.

You may moan that you’ve heard all this type of music before from “better” bands. You may think that Natur should step into the 21st century of metal. You are so totally missing the point of this band and album. Natur is the perfect antithesis to metalcore, dub-step, emo metal, and screaming growly voiced crap. Natur‘s “Head of Death” is straight forward unapologetic old-fashioned pure metal full of great guitar solos, solid drumming, evil wizards, forest folk, Satan, and death. “Head of Death” puts lighthearted fun and entertainment back into heavy metal. Take it for what it is.

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