Nachtmystium - Silencing MachineAnother illegible band logo, another black metal band, this time Nachtmystium who, despite the name, are from the US and led by guitarist/vocalist Blake Judd. I can’t be any more specific because the band’s bio neglects to mention anything useful like this. Hey ho. One of the web sites describes them as a psychedelic black metal. I’ll have to leave it up to you to work out what that might mean.

First couple of tracks, “Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem” and the title track seem to fulfil all the criteria you would want in a black metal band. They storm along in a hail of fierce growls, pounding drums and colourless guitars but are not disagreeable as such.

Fifth track, “Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams” breaks the mould slightly and is about as near as a black metal band could come to a melody and still be called a black metal band. For some reason, the idea went into my head that this is what the Black Keys would sound like if they decided to do a metal album. That’s far fetched but have a listen yourself, see what you think. By the time the track finished I was nodding along cheerfully. It’s pretty fun, it really is.

“Decimation Annihilation” has surprising, trip-along drums, “Reduced To Ashes” thrashes madly, and final track “These Rooms In Which We Weep” plods along a doom-laden path of angst and agony but I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Ultimately, Nachtmystium know what they are doing and certainly sound as good as any of the Scandinavian black metal bands I’ve listened to.

As ever though, its a relatively restricting genre and I don’t know precisely what Nachtmystium offer that others don’t, but sometimes it is enough to tick all the boxes and “Silencing Machine” certainly does that.

Nachtmystium – Facebook Page