My Favourite Runner Up – Thoughts, Feelings, ActionsFormed in 2006, the melodic pop rock band that is My Favourite Runner Up are hitting the nation by storm with their widespread radio airplay on BBC Radio 1 and on Alex Baker’s unsigned show on Kerrang!  The four-piece has been touring relentlessly since the release of their last EP and evening hitting up slots with huge names such as The Blitz Kids, but now it is time to head back to the studio and record their second 5-track EP “Thoughts, Feelings, Actions.”

Hitting the shelves on August 6th via digital download, this EP is not only a generous 5-track release, as compared to the usual stingy 3 or 4 that most bands give, but it is jam packed full of energetic, infectious feel good music.

With songs like ‘Let It Ride’ which is an anthemic party track that sounds a little like old school Good Charlotte or Simple Plan, but with a punkier and edgier twist.

‘Our Time Now’ provides rumbling guitars and melodic vocals, leading into the unsurpassed tracks ‘Star Living Today’ and ‘Drawing Board’ with ease adding a kind of New Found Glory influence to the EP. Each track strongly delivered and have been superbly recorded and effortlessly written, but the one thing that brings this EP down is its lack in variety.  Each song sounds vaguely familiar to the previous one. We’d like to see this band mix things up a little, throw in a slow number or two in a future album.

Nonetheless, this is still a brilliant piece of work, and deserves high credential for the amount of passion and drive the band put in to it. Top notch.

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