Mutant Squad - Social MisfitsWithout beating around the bush, I would love to know the thought behind the artwork for Spanish thrashers Mutant Squad’s latest EP, “Social Misfits”. Nothing wrong with the EP’s moniker at all, but since when was this illustrated by a 3 eyed owl…thing? I am here to talk about the music though not the artwork, just thought I’d mention it.

Sadly the music itself isn’t a great deal more impressive. The band’s second EP, and the first on new home Suspiria Records, “Social Misfits” certainly shows major worship for the legends of the genre such as Testament and Overkill and has a real old-school, garage vibe to it, being very stripped down and raw. The problem is that it simply isn’t hugely exciting at all. On a four track EP you would hope that it would be really impactful and have you craving for more than just the brief fix given but this simply isn’t the case here.

Not that there is anything terrible here by any means; the second track “Remember” is the definite highlight and the closest to a real anthem for the band (although unfortunately even this is quickly forgotten afterwards). But there isn’t any real character to it, nothing to separate them from their peers. Whilst their influences are clear and recognisable to most, they just don’t take these inspirations and take them forward. The songs are very unremarkable as well; very familiar but lacking a real bite to them. Once you have finished playing this EP these songs do not stick around in your head for very long.

For a young band on only their second EP it’s hard to be too critical of them, but there is definite room to improve here. An all too forgettable affair with a lack of real identity, here’s hoping that the next time there is a real improvement. And better artwork as well.

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