Munruthel - CREEDamageMunruthel is the brainchild of Ukrainian metal mastermind, Vladislav Redkin. “CREEDamage” is the fifth full length release under this moniker. Munruthel has participated in countless bands and in total this man has about 30 albums that he has played a part in. This current project for him started in 1995 and Redkin over the last 17 years has kept coming back and releasing material. This latest release is a real eclectic assemblage of material. Overall the main feel is pagan metal with a nice dose of symphonic overtones. Typically, when one uses the idea of eclectic collection it means no focus, and a meandering of songs with no real feel of fusion as a whole. This could not be further from the truth for this release.

Each song may have its own unique attributes but somehow Munruthel has managed to capture a thread that ties everything together. The real joy in this is the listener is presented with a great variety of music but left with the feeling that this works in a nice cohesive fashion. ‘The Mown Dawns Lie on The Ground’ couldn’t really be further in style and composition compared to ‘The Eyes of Abyss’. ‘Mown’ features Masha and is hauntingly slow and eerie giving Masha the perfect venue to feature her vocal styling. Whereas, ‘Eyes’ is an uptempo more pagan metal style with Munruthel adding his own brand of growled vocals. Yet these two seemingly different pieces flow really well together, like how opposites attract and stay close together yet maintaining their own identity.

‘Carpathians Shield’ is the real stand out track for me personally. It seems to capture heart and soul of Munruthel. It really sums up what he is trying to get across on this release. It’s got pagan metal, some nice symphonic interludes, great showcase for his vocal delivery, all while showing off his versatile musical creativity.

VladislavMunruthelRedkin may not be well known on this side of the pond but with “CREEDamage” we have the chance to get to know him a little bit. It’s a great collection of soundscapes and metal. He is brutal at times, ethereal at others and in the end he gives us a wonderfully creative journey. I invite all to follow him on his journey that is “CREEDamage”.

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