Municipal Waste - The Fatal FeastSince gate crashing the party in 2001 Municipal Waste have forged a distinctive sound and appeal that is irrepressible, their infectious thrash crossover creations instinctive rascals that tease and draw one into eager bad compliance. Over recent releases like “The Art Of Partying” of 2007 and 2009’s “Massive Aggressive” that sound found a height that set the band to the fore of their genre but it also grew a familiarity that like a long time buddy was expected and welcome. The fifth album from the band, “Fatal Feast,” is no different. Consisting of sixteen boisterous, trouble making songs, the release delivers exactly what one expected and assumed would be attacking the ear, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

The quartet of vocalist Tony Foresta, guitarist Ryan Waste, bassist Land Phil, and Dave Witte on drums, once again on their debut release on Nuclear Blast, violates the ear with hot blooded mischievous rampages and barely controlled destructive energy. The release is a thoroughly pleasing and infectious, which despite the lack of anything venturing towards a new direction, satisfies all the expectations of a Municipal Waste album. One should be disappointed that the band gives us more of the same, the ‘trademark’ sounds that make the band the favourites of so many, but when they do it so well, and bring it with a style that cannot fail to engage every one of the senses, it is easy to forgive.

The tracks come thick and fast from opener ‘Repossession,’ which follows the sci-fi intro ‘Waste In Space,’ right through to the closing ‘Residential Disaster’. Riling up the senses and taunting the ear with punked up riffs and hardcore intensity is second nature to the band. “The Fatal Feast” strips the ear of all resistance as they veer unrelentingly towards the senses and the chance to flail them within an inch of their lives.

As usual the band offers a strong consistency across the length of the album, each and every track filled with pure adrenaline and raging intent. The songs bristle with rampant energy that light up the senses, as is the norm on a Municipal Waste release. Though each track does the business of satisfying, there are fewer moments where the band raises their limits as on previous albums to really excite the senses. ‘New Dead Masters’ is the first time everything finds an extra something, the grumbling bass and insurgent riffs flying alongside the eager vocals for full impact, as a groove winds itself around the ear tighter and tighter.

The likes of ‘Covered In Sick – The Barfer’ and ‘Jesus Freaks’ stretch into some unpredictability but it is with the album’s best song ‘The Fatal Feast’ that the band hit their sweet spot. The punk fuelled title track is immense, a rumble on the ear with all the addict forming elements one could wish for. As it squeezes the ear hard and relentlessly it ticks every box, whilst also highlighting how the rest of the album, good though it is, lacks an evolution to set it out as anything more than simply a strong and accomplished release.

With the added spice of having John Connelly of Nuclear Assault adding vocals to ‘Unholy Abductor’ and Tim Barry of Avail contributing on ‘Standards And Practices’ there is plenty to excite all Municipal Waste and thrash fans on “The Fatal Feast.” The album is a satisfying pleasure that cannot fail to raise a smile and make a very entertaining 40 minutes. As unoriginal though it maybe, it is typical Municipal Waste and that is always a blast.

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