Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For LovePretty much everyone in the world knows who Mötley Crüe are, even if you only know the name, you’ll have heard of them at least, and hopefully after the next 8 reviews you’ll know them a little bit better.

These reviews have come about due to the fact the band has once again regained the rights to their music and given them the re release treatment, starting with the band’s 1981 debut album “Too Fast For Love.”

I’m going to say this from the get go “Too Fast For Love” is a disappointing debut album, not just for Mötley Crüe, but in the lexicon of music as a whole. Its a rag tag album of unfulfilled ideas that hinted at but didn’t fully realize the bands potential. There are a few songs on here that stop it from being a complete dud, the most notable of which is the band’s first single ‘Live Wire’

Listening to “Too Fast For Love” in hindsight some 30 years after the event is a weird experience that kind of makes you wonder how the band achieved so much in the wake of its release, it’s a testament to the band that they would go on to bigger and better things from this point forward, surprisingly the production does hold up well after all this time and is probably the highlight of this release.

There isn’t much in the way of bonus material on this release, aside from a couple of demos, which don’t really add any extra value and it isn’t worth the double dip if you already own the album.

“Too Fast For Love” is a nice look back to the very beginning of arguably the biggest and most recognisable hair metal bands in the world, but it isn’t an album you will find yourself revisiting a great deal.

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