Mötley Crüe - New TattooAfter the failure of “Generation Swine,” Mötley Crüe was once again in a rebuilding phase of its career, with Tommy Lee in prison the band was faced with writing an album once again without one of its founding members, and the last album they would write for a very long time and that album was “New Tattoo,” the band opted for the all our eggs in one basket technique on this and just threw everything they had learned in their career and just cranked it up to eleven and the result is once again one of the more overlooked albums in the bands career.

“New Tattoo” is a great rock record that benefits from the band having that ‘we have nothing to lose’ sensibility once again and just having an absolute blast making an albums. Admittedly, the band was pretty much falling apart at the seams and were heading for a breakup but still you would never know it to listen to this album.

Tracks like ‘Hell In High Heels,’ ‘White Punks On Dope’ and ‘First Band On The Moon’ are all great tracks that once again showed what a great band the Crüe can be when they are on form, and with the belief that this may in fact be the final Crüe album, the band decided to just cut the gimmicks and frills that had plagued other albums and just give the fans an honest Mötley Crüe album as a parting shot.

“New Tattoo” may not be hailed as a classic album, but it is definitely a better album than anyone expected from Mötley Crüe in the year 2000.

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