Mötley Crüe - Girls, Girls, GirlsAfter the let-down of “Theatre Of Pain,” Mötley Crüe needed to regroup and make an album that could once again prove what they were made of… enter “Girls, Girls, Girls.” One of the bands signature albums, and an album that features the number one stripper song of all time in the title track.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” saw the band back to doing what they do best, singing about fighting, fucking and partying and it was good to have them back. “Girls, Girls, Girls” is one of the better Mötley Crüe albums and one that is a favourite amongst fans.

It seems like the band took the mistakes they made on “Theatre Of Pain” and turn it around and move forward into “Girls…” creating an album of far superior songwriting quality in the process. “Girls, Girls, Girls” was another stepping stone in the meteoric rise of the Crüe.

The album kicks off in glorious o.t.t. style with the now classic ‘Wild Side,’ a Mötley anthem to this very day and carries on in punchy style with tracks like the title track, ‘Bad Boy Boogie’ and the colossal power ballad ‘You’re All I Need’ which was notable for its controversial video at the time depicting the domestic abuse and murder of a spouse. The album also features a curious live recording of the band covering ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ which proves that not all the bands choices of cover songs were always stellar and is somewhat of a black spot on the album.

Overall, “Girls, Girls, Girls” was a marked improvement over “Theatre Of Pain” that showed the band was still serious about their craft but also served a solid precursor to the career defining album that would follow…

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