Mötley Crüe - Generation SwineAfter only one album with new vocalist John Corabi, Mötley Crüe once again found themselves reunited with Vince Neil for their 7th studio album “Generation Swine.”

In the 90’s, grunge and industrial broke and left bands like Mötley Crüe out in the cold, believing them to be relics of a more disingenuous time, both grunge and industrial had a more bleak nihilistic view of the world. So, Mötley Crüe decided to switch it up and attempt to reinvent themselves by mixing elements of that into their sound, with questionable results.

There is a reason that this album is maligned by everyone, it’s just not very good, between attempts to heavy and dirty up the bands sound (in a dirgy heavy way, not a sexy way) and become a band with a more generation x appealing nature, the band kind of lost sight of who it was, I mean yes the stage show that went with “Generation Swine” was very cool but the album itself is shallow and vapid, even by the band’s standards. Maybe that was the point, maybe the point was to present “Generation Swine” as a concept and the album reflects the disinterest of the youth etc., if that is the case then it’s commendable but if that’s an excuse used because the album was just bloody awful then it’s a pretty rubbish cover up.

Another problem with “Generation Swine” is that it features contributions from all the band members in the songwriting process, which is always a band thing because as we know Tommy Lee and Vince Neil aren’t the greatest songwriters in the world so the album features more than its fair share of duff tracks. “Generation Swine” is an example of a band trying to do something different and failing miserably, alienating a legion of fans in the process and showing that at that period in time they had no idea of the scene in which they were trying to gatecrash.

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