Morglbl - Brutal Romance [Review]Fully instrumental albums can be quite a handful when it comes down to listening, especially when you put three or four virtuosos together in a studio. French instrumental rock/metal outfit Morglbl are the exception to the rule, because their latest album, entitled “Brutal Romance”, is a shining example of how to combine instrumental prowess with good clean fun.

The driving force behind Morglbl is French guitar wizard Christophe Godin. In the past he shared the stage with Liquid Tension Project, Freak Kitchen and Rob “Bumblefoot” Thal. “Brutal Romance” offers accessible compositions that go hand in hand with virtuosic skills and a tongue-in-cheek streaks of humor that would have made Frank Zappa proud. Throw in a little Robert Fripp/King Crimson-styled curveballs and you know “Brutal Romance” is one of those records you’ll instantly love when you’re into forward thinking rock and metal.

Jazz/fusion parts are combined with elements from heavy metal without any effort just to dirge into blues, reggae and surf rock within the next moment. “Brutal Romance” is quite an eclectic musical adventure, but it feels never forced or out of place. This is just a taste of the musical prowess of Godin, Rougny and Ouzoulias. It’s very hard to pick any specific track, because they’re all so wonderfully intricate, playful and stunningly brilliant.

Morglbl is somewhat of an acquired taste, but if you’re into progressive rock and metal and you don’t mind a Frank Zappa-styled curveball here and there, then “Brutal Romance” is the album for you. I’m sold!

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