Moonless - Calling All DemonsMyron came up with a grab bag of new doom releases this time. I got hooked up with the latest from Moonless, titled “Calling All Demons”, out on Doomentia Records. That suits me just fine, because this one is a slab of old-school HR/HM-style doom: the sound of muttonchops framed by mirrored sunglasses. The sound of vintage distortion pedals plugged into Marshall stacks supporting fifths of Jack Daniel’s.

I don’t know how old the members of Moonless are, but this record could have come out in 1973, 1983…at any point in the Era Sabbath. Such is the timelessness of the swinging, burned-out heaviness of tunes like ‘Horn of the Ram’ and the title track. The latter’s soulful refrain, “I’m calling…far beyond the blues!” transports me through the Akashic Record back to my dad’s Baker Gurvitz Army and Stray Dog albums.

So, I think you’ve most likely caught my drift now, and can gather in your mind’s ear what “Calling All Demons” delivers. Gritty-but-not-growled vocals; sludgy, near-fuzztone guitar riffs and bluesy leads; meat and potatoes drumming on big drums and cymbals.

Fans of Pentagram and Orange Goblin should be into this one. Bikers too; a strong Steppenwolf heritage is evident here. This isn’t funeral doom, and it’s not occult or depressive either. “Calling All Demons” can be your summer-evening leather-jacketed/denim-vested beer-guzzling jam. Let’s hear it for…party doom?

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