Moon Of Ostara - The Star ChildMoon of Ostara is the solo project of Earthling Society’s Fred Laird, and “The Star Child” is his debut under this moniker, and oh, it is a psychedelic progressive madness that features swirling winds and trippy as heck synthesised portions. Haunting vocals wander in and out of the layered sections of electronic weirdness and “The Star Child” comes across initially like a languid journey into the outer reaches of the universe. The album is split into four parts; all named “The Star Child” and numbered one through four the themes are held together by recurring noises, computerised blips and beeps and curious gusts of cosmic winds whilst encompassing a markedly krautrock vibe.

“The Star Child” is strangely hypnotic, almost meditative in structure and pagan themes course through its electrically wired veins. Ostara is a German Pagan Goddess, and is the namesake of the celebration of Easter and the birth of spring. The PR spiel gets a bit graphic as to what that means, suffice to say…it’s a little NSFW. The genesis of the album comes in building layers of fantastic hums of sound, each adding a new dimension to proceedings and transporting you to another plane of existence. “Part 2”is a fifteen minute odyssey with a choral backing track giving way to constant waves of electro-strangeness. Occasional guitar riffs rise from the celestial clouds giving a richness to the track that processed beats lack.

“Part 3” begins with all manner of oddity and a truly terrific upbeat melody. Laird uses Mellotron, Theremin and of course the timeless Moog synths to create landscapes of out of this world proportions. “The Star Child” closes on “Part 4,” and a darker mood than heard previously. Featuring a distinct drum line throughout that adds a sharpness to the record, the album closer feels a little eighties in execution (reminiscent of the electro-beats of the Drive OST at times), there’s a touch of sadness hidden in the soaring pulses and the gradual increase in pace. Possibly signifying the end of the season for which it is named ; the final moments are sparse and full of a melancholic atmosphere. Spring is the gateway of life and eventually it must end, as all things will.

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