There was no question as soon as the voice of Peter Ellis [ex-White Wizzard, ex-The More I See] erupted from the speakers, influences of many greats of the British Metal scene could detected. There was also no denying that all of the members of Monument were making their presence felt too, showing the diversity of their sound at Twitrfest II. With cover songs from rock and metal legends Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest were tasty little surprises that instantly got the crowd shouting their hearts out, reliving the songs as they remember them with Monument’s unique twist. The crowd were extremely receptive to the band’s material, the energy and their note perfect sound.

Monument setlist:
Rock The Night
Midnight Queen
Blood Red Sky
Fatal Attack
Emerald [Thin Lizzy cover]
The Green Manalishi [Judas Priest cover]
Carry On

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