Mnemic - MnemesisDanish metallers Mnemic are one of those groups who have all the potential to be big news. With massive sounding hooks and roar a long choruses a plenty, plus being touted as a favourite of some little band called Metallica, it is quite surprising that the band are not as well known as many of their peers. Perhaps instability in their ranks has been a hindrance, and the unremarkable “The Passenger” was far from being a strong album, but otherwise Mnemic’s catalogue is very worth checking out, and new album “Mnemesis” could very well see these Danes getting some real attention again.

Always a difficult band to pigeonhole, but with influences very obvious, Mnemic incorporate elements of metalcore (which I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for, so I was likely to love this anyway) and melodeath bands with the Meshuggah downtuned guitar sound that many bands have taken recently and hints of industrial as well. “Mnemesis” does take a shift further towards more melodic territories than on previous albums, and therefore lacks some of the aggression from albums like “The Audio Injected Soul” which is a shame.

This is not to say that “Mnemesis” is a weak album at all. This is a good, strong album, and has some of the band’s catchiest songs to date. Mnemic may have toned down on the aggression but the band still know how to write an instantly memorable chorus and massive hooky grooves. The likes of “Transcend”, “Valves” and the sublime “There’s No Tomorrow” (which features guitar work from King X’s Ty Tabor) sound tailor made for the live scene and should hopefully pull in larger crowds. If you love huge sing a long moments and infectious groovy riffs (hello Killswitch Engage fans) then “Mnemesis” is definitely worth your time.

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