After reviewing their solid new release, “The Cursed Remain Cursed“, ThisIsNotAScene‘s James got the chance to catch up with Mike Fleishmann of Vision of Disorder and chat about the new album, their new label and much, much more…

First off, welcome back! How does it feel to be making music with Vision of Disorder again?

Thanks man! It feels phenomenal! We are all really excited about the new album and getting to play shows again.

What made you want to reform the band? Was there anything in particular that inspired you?

We played a couple of reunion gigs and we got a great response. It was really surprising. I think having a break from each other was healthy, although we all remained close friends.

How has the music landscape changed since you were last around? Is it harder or easier to be in a band in the digital age?

I would say it’s easier- but we aren’t exactly starting from scratch. We put in the work years ago to get our name out there so I couldn’t tell you if maybe it’s harder to get people’s attention nowadays- every band has a website, Facebook, and Twitter.

How easy was it to get back into writing mode and write new songs for Vision of Disorder after such a long absence?

We were up and running quickly. We were not practising as much because we each have different schedules with work and family- so I am surprised we were able to get as much done as we did.

“The Cursed Remain Cursed” is quite possibly your strongest album to date. Did you anticipate it having such a positive response?

Thank you very much! No not at all- we have spent the last 10 years hearing how bad our last album was! So it feels great that people are into this record. We are all surprised.

What themes and issues are explored on the new album?

Everyone in this band has gone through a lot of different life experiences since we did our last album. There has been a lot of personal growth for Tim to pull from lyrically and for us to use as inspiration musically.

Is the metal scene stronger or weaker than when you were last around? Are there any new bands in particular that have influenced the recording of the new album?

It is definitely pretty damn strong right now! Just look at bands like Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Mastodon-Huge. We all listen to a plethora of music, from golden oldies to death metal- So I couldn’t say that there have been any bands in particular that inspired the recording. You could probably name 10 bands from 10 different eras, in 10 different genres right now and the answer would be “yes they influenced us”.

You are now on Candlelight Records. What made you choose Candlelight over other labels? Did your experiences with Roadrunner influence the decision?

Candlelight was the only label that had no expectations other than for us to record a V.O.D. record. That was refreshing for us and for them to have faith in us after being away for 10 years was really a testament to how awesome of a label they are. As far as Roadrunner goes- we were kids when we signed to them and they took advantage of that. We had no idea what the hell we were doing!

Do you have any plans to tour in support of the new album? It seems likely that you plan on sticking around for a while.

We just did a couple of dates in the UK and now we are hitting the tri-state area. We are heading to Australia in February to do the Soundwave festival with Metallica, Slayer, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Sick of it All, Madball, a whole slew of awesome bands! Then we are planning on picking things up from there.

Any final words for the readers of ThisIsNotAScene? Why should people buy “The Cursed Remain Cursed?”

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to give our record a chance. If you are not convinced by the recording I urge you to check us out live because that is where we really feel our music works best- onstage! We feel that this record represents us sonically better than our previous releases so go grab it!

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