Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The FleshThe formation of Meta-Stasis from the ashes of two of England’s most inventive and uncompromising bands, something out of the ordinary was on the horizon. Combining the dark industrial soundscapes that featured heavily in Ted Maul’s work with the precise technical brutality that was evident in Sikth, Meta-Stasis have unleashed their ferocious debut on an unsuspecting public.  The four piece have created one of the best extreme metal debuts I have heard so far this year, a combination of the influences and sounds of two fine bands.

The album, “When The Mind Departs The Flesh,” starts with a short sample lead intro before ‘Demon Barber Surgeon’ opens up and invites you into the bleak world that the band occupy. Eschewing the current trend for ultra fast, over produced albums, they have made an album that is very difficult to be labelled and pigeon-holed. Vocalist Soloman offers up the kind of growls and you would expect to find on a normal death metal release, but there is so much more to listen to here, and given the rest of the personnel involved in this project this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

There are a couple of instrumentals here to give the listener a break from the pummelling that awaits them on the rest of the album.  ‘Absence of The Corpus Luteum’, ‘Dissolved And Diluted’ and ‘Entering The Domains Of The Bodysnatcher’ showing more of the industrial edge of the band that is hinted at in other tracks while the likes of ‘Misery Redefined’ are a much more brutal proposition, although that in itself has plenty of contrasting moments. ‘We All Must Die’ is another example of this approach, throwing in some blast beats and some the albums faster moments before a solo appears and brings the tempo back down.

Being such a different album, it is not going to appeal to everyone, but for the fact that this a damn fine group of musicians trying something different, it is well worth checking out.  Fans of all the members previous bands will enjoy this as it shows just how ahead of their time they were. With Ted Maul back in business and continuing rumours about Sikth returning one day, Meta-Stasis offer a fine mixture of the two and inject a fresh outlook into the world of extreme metal. An album that shows an huge amount of potential for the future.

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