Mencea - Pyrophoric [Review]With Mencea’s “Pyrophoric” I can taste the speed, aggression and the bitterness of the instruments.  It succumbs to the crevices of my soul – just mind-blowing fury!

Greek death metal band, Mencea has crafted eight ferocious tracks for their second album due to be released on the 27 March 2012 with Norwegian label, Indie Recordings. The mixing and mastering were done by the band members, Stamos Koliousis and Vangelis Labrakis, and has resulted in a crisp and sharp production with no lulls and no sludge. The vocals are deep, coarse and monstrous but never a pig squeal. The most stimulating part of “Pyrophoric” is the hammering rhythm and shape-shifting texture.

The rage bleeds off every track and it’s got that definite mosh-me-to-the-ground quality even more so on the tracks “CCC” and “Elders”. You dive straight into the track – no unnecessary introduction just a pure concoction of death punches and wicked moving guitars and drums. Stylistically, Mencea moves between short-fused power and progressive qualities as well as adding a thin layer of melodic rudiments. That stylistic extremity is best heard on the album’s name sake track, “Pyrophoric” with the oscillation of core instruments from the top of the track and the bottom. There is a sense that Mencea are well-informed musicians with years of experience and have a good handle on their instruments.

There are two tracks that sound stale and possibly noosed into a typical death metal style but what saves that are the clean production values and the belligerent attitudes of the instruments and their players. There is never a dull moment; the track list flows from a flaming and spitting high energy to more ferociousness.

“Pyrophoric” bodes well with the beast in me and satisfies my death metal hunger pangs!

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