New Jersey’s own God Forbid has released their latest metal assault, “Equilibrium“, on Victory Records. In the midst of their tour cycle guitarist Matt Wicklund takes time to out for ThisIsNotAScene to talk bout the new release as well as Randy Blythe and downloading.

Your new album “Equilibrium” has been out for a few months now, are you guys still completely happy with it?

I would say so! We worked very hard and long on this album and I think that it truly marks a new era for the band. It is very exciting to finally get all of these songs out on stages and see the fans rocking out with us every night!

It is certainly a less progressive album than the previous “Earthsblood”; was it your intention to move away from these territories?

Not intentionally, really. I came into the band as a major songwriter so that obviously changed the dynamic a bit. Doc and I just started writing songs that we were excited about playing and hearing and they came out pretty focused and a bit more straight forward than the last record. That being said, you can also hear there are some areas where things are more developed than before like the guitar solos and vocal melodies. We are trying to make the best music we can!

How has the reception been for “Equilibrium”? I would certainly consider it one of your strongest releases to date.

Thank you! I would say that the reception has been incredible! We have been very pleased to see that people are really digging the record and that we gain many new fans each day on tour. It’s exciting!

How has the move to Victory Records been?

The move to Victory Records has been awesome. The whole staff is full of really passionate and hard working people. Things get done fast there and the energy is super positive and inspiring to me. I am very happy being a part of the Victory family. It feels really good to be on a label where you can really feel every day that they believe in you and are behind you all the way.

Toward the beginning of the tour cycle you went out with Overkill of all people. How was that tour for you?

The Overkill Tour was really fun for us. They are an awesome band and really cool guys. We got to bust out a lot of our faster and trashier songs on that run which was a blast. I feel that we are a very diverse band so we can easily jam out with just about anyone! Bring it on!!!

Currently you are on the Metal Hammer Trespass America tour with the likes of FFDP. How is this tour going?

This is the perfect tour for us in every way. We are great friends with all of the bands involved and there is a huge audience there every day that fits in perfectly with what we are doing. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this tour and I know we have been bringing it hard every night for all of the awesome fans out there!

Are you guys close with the other bands on this line-up?

Yes indeed! There is a great sense of camaraderie throughout and it really feels like a big family. Many of us have known each other for several years through the touring circuit. It is super cool to spend time with all of our old friends and also to meet many new ones!

Are then any plans for UK dates at all soon?

We all really want to get over to the UK and Europe as soon as possible. There are some opportunities coming up so please stay posted! We will get there soon.

No doubt you have been asked this several times as of late, but what are your feelings on the shocking Randy Blythe situation?

I think it’s horrible. It’s my feeling that he is completely innocent and what he is dealing with is a total nightmare. I think that it is terribly sad that a young man lost his life but in no way whatsoever is Randy responsible.

I am happy to hear that he is finally home and I think he is handling everything in a really honorable and respectful way. He’s a real stand-up guy and we all support him and stand behind him.

Speaking of shocking situations what are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry and illegal downloading?

It’s destroying the music business as we know it. We are all suffering from it. You can’t sustain the current business model under these conditions. Since the Internet isn’t going anywhere and piracy seems to be holding on strong, I think the only hope for the music business is to adapt.

The business model must change and a secure revenue flow must be established in order to keep music, this thing we all love so dearly alive. I’ve dedicated my whole life to the creation and performance of music. It pains me like you wouldn’t believe to see people all over the world stealing my hard work guilt free. There still are many awesome fans out there that go out of their way to support and appreciate everything that we do and I would like to recognize them all right now. Thank you!!!

Finally, thanks again for your time and any last words to your fans! Maybe when we will see you on the Mayhem Festival main stage, perhaps!

Thank you so much for the interview! I would like to thank all of our fans for their continued support around the world. It means everything to us!!! The Mayhem Festival Main Stage sounds like a place we would really love to be! Let’s make that happen!

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