Malice - New Breed Of GodzTreading the fine line between Judas Priest’s trad metal intensity and Anthrax’s thrash metal pummelling, Malice are certainly a band who wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Emulating your heroes isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, and when you’ve got the chops to actually do a good job of it then why not just let it roll and see what happens.

In fact, Malice have been around since the early 80’s and were something of a draw back in the day. Touring sporadically since their reformation in 2006, the bulk of “New Breed of Godz” is made up of re-recorded versions of older material but there are four new songs that represent the first new material the band have released since 1989, and it certainly sounds like a pack of rabid hounds being released upon an unsuspecting public.

Having never been shy about their influences, the opening title track rips it up as much as anything that Priest have done since the mighty “Painkiller”. Singer James Rivera’s throat-shredding shrieks emulate Rob Halford perfectly, and even his regular singing voice sounds pretty similar; the soulful “Winds of Death (Angel of Light)” covering the whole range from lower register croon to bollock-crushing scream in a pretty epic way.

To be honest, there’s not a lot more to say about this album that the Judas Priest comparison doesn’t cover.  If the latest 3 Inches of Blood album tickled your heavy metal taste buds then “New Breed of Godz” also deserves to be on your playlist, and until the Brummie metal gods pull their finger out and release some new material this is as close to the real deal as we’re going to get.  All they need now is for Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens to sing for them and the tribute will be complete.

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