Machine-Fucking-Head a name that has been chanted around the world by millions of people for nearly 20 years, a name that stands for metal quality both on record and most definitely in the live arena, and a name that now has been added to the list of legendary bands that has headlined Bloodstock Open Air.

This is Machine Head‘s first ever UK Festival headline show and the band are certainly in the mood tonight to show just how they got to this point, opening with a ground shaking heavy ‘I am Hell’, Machine Head lay their brutal fare out early, as ‘Aesthetics of Hate’ springs forth its clear to anyone standing here watching this that Machine Head are on the form of their lives, at least in the live arena anyway.

Many people questioned Machine Head‘s status as a festival headline act, and especially this festival as well, so it’s nice to see the boys not succumbing to pressure and doing what they do best and that IS just absolutely destroy the place. They are without a doubt one of the best live bands currently playing any genre of music in any corner of the world right now.

The band has such a collection of songs that making a set must be a nightmare for them, tonight’s set see’s the band focus on the latter half of its career, whilst also showcasing their roots with five fan chosen cuts from their classic debut “Burn My Eyes” which shows you just how far the band has come, those 5 songs still sounding as vital and fresh today as they did then.

Machine Head once again rise to the occasion and show everyone that has ever tried to hold them down that they are not only still standing, but they are still very much capable of kicking anyone’s ass on any given day. This is just another step up the ladder for the boys , and hopefully this is the step they needed to take to finally cement their place in history as a band that managed to conquer the metal world on their own terms and in their own time.

Regardless of your opinions on Machine Head, you cannot deny them their place, and based on tonight’s evidence you would be very foolish to even entertain that notion that they aren’t a world class festival headline act.

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal